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Being a colon and breast cancer survivor I’ve had to embrace my faith and continued belief that anything is possible like never before. Coming face to face with the reality that tomorrow is not promised and as a part of my personal growth, I’m diving headlong into the investigation of the possibilities of what my life may hold.

Life Reimagined is a resource that I discovered last year and have used as an impetus into the further understanding of myself. As stated in my previous post, I’ve also decided to share this journey of introspection and discovery as I take more classes and reflect on ways to live my life on purpose.


This is the 2nd lesson in the course, Discover What’s Next: Living Life on Purpose and focuses on being reflective and motivated by Purpose. Richard Lieder (creator of course) interviewed seniors (65 years plus) for this teaching moment in the class and asked their thoughts on the 3 things they would change about their lives. The response was enlightening.

•Take more chances

•Be more reflective

•Understand Purpose earlier

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By taking on this challenge and actively seeking greater insight into what drives and motivates, we are understanding our Purpose earlier which gives us the ability to use that knowledge toward living a more rewarding experience.

The Lesson Activity – “Purpose Checkup”

The Purpose Checkup is a series of probing questions to make you think about your involvement in your community, life/work balance, and optimism. My Purpose Score was 77 (my competitive side kicked in, so not making 100 made me shutter:) but, that just gives me a goal to work on.😊

The overall statement read:

“You are living purposefully! You’re clear about what truly matters to you and you’re mattering in the world. To help keep purpose a key focus of your life, keep going with the course.”

“Home is knowing. Knowing your mind, heart, courage. If we know ourselves, we’re always home, anywhere.”

I’m not sure why now, but, for whatever reason, the summary rang true. It might seem odd but I felt emotional as I read the review of my score. I felt a sense of validation and that reaction really hit me. I was blessed with the ability to write and thereby share my belief in the possibilities, my strength of faith, and seeing the beauty in life. Suddenly, I felt like Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz” when Glenda tells her she had the power all along, she just had to go thru these trials to realize that truth.  Maybe like Dorothy it was just my time. Perhaps this is the plan my friend predicted God had for me. 

Reflecting further I concluded my emotions were about feeling good, spiritual in knowing my life has to mean sharing my spirit with others is what God put me here to do.


Once you understand your Purpose, what does that Realization actually mean? Ask yourself the following question: 

“What Would I like to be Remembered For?”

My Realization is: I want to be remembered for bringing light, joy, and faith into the lives of others. This gives me a mission and clarity as I interact in day to day relationships. A check-in for myself as to how I’m living and is it with purpose.

I invite you to join in this journey of discovery by taking an online class through the Life Reimagined Institute. Maybe together we can discover our Purpose and the endless possibilities.


Follow the link below to begin the journey of living your life on purpose:


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