Archive | July 17, 2016

Celebration Summer! 🎉💃🏼


Blessings abound as I celebrate the 40th Anniversary of crossing into the sisterhood of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. with my line sisters, the Eloquent Eleven.


Our love and bond is ever strong as we’ve shared our life’s joys, milestones and heartbreaks. I recently read an article about the enhanced benefits, well being and happiness associated with a strong network of girlfriends. I can attest to that observation as my sisters have always loved and supported me and their energy has truly lifted me throughout my cancer journey.

Eloquent Eleven in Marco Island, Florida 2014

As I discovered and took on the challenge of fighting the colon and breast cancer diagnosis, we were planning this 2016 reunion and had chosen Maine as the destination. Mid plan, my sisters made the decision to take the weight of traveling off my plate and come to see me in Charlotte for our celebration.


Eloquent Eleven at Lake Norman, NC 2016

I always smile and my heart is full thinking of this group of incredible, dynamic women I’ve had the privilege and blessing to call family. As we continue to fellowship and praise our remarkable sisterhood, I thank God for each and every one.