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Happy 60th Birthday, Honey


This post is dedicated to my wonderful husband in celebration of his 60th birthday. We’ve shared a lot of special memories throughout the years since becoming friends in high school. Perhaps it was providence, but we ended up living in the same dorm and eventually falling in love at The University of Michigan. We joined our lives together almost 38 years ago, and were blessed with two beautiful children who have grown into remarkable spirits.

So, in honor of you Kevan, blow out your candles and let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Love You!





Forever Friendship 💖


Once again, the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to spend time with some very special friends while celebrating my incredible husband’s 60th birthday. True friendships are a treasure. It’s the joy of knowing that even if you haven’t seen each other in years, you don’t miss a beat hugging and joining together like you were never apart. 


Both my immediate and extended family are really close. When I hear or read stories about feuding families and estranged relationships it makes me sad. Our love for one another is really all we have when you think about it; a fact I appreciate even more having fought for my life battling colon and breast cancer. Material things don’t matter or last. Real friendship is forever.


Thanks Ron and Margaret for your love and support. We were blessed the day we met with a friendship that endures and will always mean the world to me.


From Faith to Possibilities 🙏


Faith or the lack thereof contributes to the overall outcome of a situation or goal we’re trying to attain. It’s our attitude adjustment that sets us on the right path.

Stress, worry, negative thoughts are all manifestations of lack of Faith. Is the glass half empty?, making lemonade out of lemons are both expressions we use to describe Faith; how we approach challenges in our lives.


The teachings of my guru Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the philosophical guidebook, “The Four Agreements”, explains the relationship between Faith and manifest destiny. We manifest what we believe in our minds; the reality we create for ourselves. We’ve been conditioned by family, teachers, peers to think of ourselves in a certain way – “you’re lazy, beautiful, creative, evil” – but Faith can help free us from that mindset to create the life experience we desire. We write our own story and Faith is the key.



I’m a walking testament of Faith. My cancer journey started with me adopting the Fourth Agreement – “Don’t Make Assumptions” – as my mantra. I asked my doctors’ crucial questions and wasn’t afraid to express to the Universe what outcome I envisioned.

So, let’s not misunderstand, Faith is not passive. It requires actions alongside the belief that I will come out stronger and more empowered as a result of my challenges. To that end, I researched my diagnosis of colon and breast cancer and armed with that knowledge embarked upon the mission of beating cancer.

I had faith that I wouldn’t have any major side effects and I didn’t. I had Faith that all my cancer would be removed and it was. In my mind’s eye, I saw myself walking hand and hand with God and always believed that with him beside me I could make my Faith a reality. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but with Faith, Gratitude, and Prayer, I was blessed to come out on the other side stronger and my Faith endures.

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If we can release fear and disbelief and embrace Faith and possibilities, there’s no limit to what we can achieve!





My motivation for creating this blog was to share my experiences in my fight against breast and colon cancer. To let my friends and family join in my journey if from afar. My message has always been about strength and the power of God to get us through our trials and tribulations.

My other motivation was to express and give testimony for my many, many blessings and favor from God. I continue to praise and pray for friends, acquaintances and fellow bloggers who are fighting the terror of cancer and loss.


One thing is for sure, tomorrow is not promised so be grateful and live a purposeful life of love. Even as we read the newspapers and watch tv we confront the realization of the uncertainty and fragility of our lives.

In the spirit of praise and gratitude for another day, I share “Blessings”. My testimony to the power and miracle of faith and prayer.


Random Acts of Kindness



I subscribe to Rodale Wellness and receive their daily newsletter for ideas and inspiration for living a healthy life. This particular article stood out as an excellent and very relevant topic for Livinginthemoment2015. The idea of this piece is instead of focusing on negatives, make positive changes in your life. Practice acts of kindness.

Here’s the challenge:

In the next seven days complete at least one random act of kindness. But, not just any act of kindness, it must be an unsuspecting random act of kindness.


Holding doors, giving up your seat for the elderly, and picking up trash on the street does not count as completed homework. You should do those things all the time! An example of an unsuspecting random act of kindness could be paying the toll for the vehicle behind you, picking up a round of coffee for people you always see in the morning on the way to work, or giving your jacket to a runner that looks cold during early morning hours.

But here’s the catch: Please do not tweet, post, or brag about anything you do for this homework assignment. Bragging about doing nice things defeats the purpose of that very same act. The only two people that will know the exact details of what you did is you and the person that you surprised. Now go make your city and the world a better place!

I’m up for the challenge, how about you?

Inspired by an article in Rodale Wellness by —  BROGAN GRAHAM & BOJAN MANDARIC

Don’t Lose the Gratitude 🙏


My morning and evening praise is part of living my life deliberately and holding gratitude in my heart. I’ve come this far by faith and I have no intention of letting that go.

Every time I think about my blessings I well up inside. I can’t help giving my testimony and sharing my joy.

Each of us is a miracle and it’s so important to grasp that concept and move through life bearing that knowledge and living for love and peace.

I’ve adopted a personal mantra to refocus on trying days and situations, “Don’t Let the Bad Behavior of Others Destroy Your Inner Peace.”

Each day let us live our truths in peace and harmony. ✌💗



Deconstructing Love

Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that range from interpersonal affection (“I love my mother”) to pleasure (“I loved that meal”). It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. It can also be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection—”the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”. It may also describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards other humans, one’s self or animals. (Wikipedia)


While taking a brisk walk around my subdivision and listening to my iPod,”All You Need is Love” began to play. I’ve always felt this John Lennon classic was revolutionary and served up some tremendous food for thought.

Living life with a loving purpose is not easy. Opening up your heart to those who disagree with you. Loving those whom you claim to hate. Understanding that we are all one and what you do to others affects not only their life but yours as well. We are not all good nor all bad.




I’ve mentioned before how I revere and often reference Don Miguel Ruiz’s brilliant guidebook, “The Four Agreements”. He really opened my eyes to a definition of an all-encompassing view of love; accepting the concept that the worse person I can think of is part of me. Cult leader and murderer Charles Manson became my love/acceptance test. If we are all one, then Manson is part of the circle.

To be truthful, I still struggle with the idea that there is a human connection between Manson and myself. However, he is a reminder that the full range of emotions we all possess can be used for the benefit of mankind or its detriment. We decide because we all have the ability to write our own story. Bring to fruition our dreams and desires.



Commit to love and peace 

John Lennon believed this even back in the turbulent times of the 1960’s. “All You Need is Love” is an anthem and vision that we can turn this world around. If we take the leap of faith.



Hating is easy. Loving can be hard. Our skin is merely a covering. Underneath we are all the same. Spirits created by God.