Our Lives Under Pressure

Back in 1981 David Bowie and Freddie Mercury’s lyrics were so powerful and prophetic summing up this life, our lives – “Under Pressure.”

Peace and Love, my friends.✌🏼💙


Just a Thought…

Often we forget that life is a series of experiences meant to challenge and develop our will.

“Fall and Get Back Up” was a skill we had to develop to learn to walk, taking the first steps into our vast new world.

So, maybe the next time we fall we should remember that it’s the “Fall and Get Back Up” that sets our course and shapes our will as we enter an infinite new horizon.


That I Ever Existed

Having a conversation with a girlfriend the other evening about what kind of legacy we want to leave and what our lives are meant for started me re-examining my own life.

Seems lately that every day all day I see infomercials for buying final expense life insurance to make it easier, at least financially, for your loved ones when you pass.

The existential conversation about life and death can be quite complicated. Running the gamut of you live, you die, and that’s it, to a belief in an afterlife, maybe even reincarnation. I’m one who believes in the karmic synergy of the universe and that life on earth is just a way station. Our evolution as humans come from an understanding that our purpose is to learn gratitude, understand we are part of a whole and that what we do to others we do to ourselves. 

Surviving cancer has given me a renewed relationship with my own mortality. I don’t fear death, it’s part of the human experience. I believe we were sent here to understand that we are reflected in the faces of others and that we are our brother’s keeper. In totality, we should aspire to our highest self.

My sadness about departing my physical body comes from the separation, no longer being able to hang out with my family and friends; enjoying precious time together. But, my new consciousness evokes a more incredible point – the amazing reality that I ever existed at all!



We are all miracles; chosen for an existence on earth. My greatest wish for humankind is that we embrace the fact our lives have an expiration date for the lessons we must learn.

For me, it means being given this amazing gift of life to explore, reflect, and leave this world a little better than I found it. My desire is to achieve my highest self; moving on with a smile on my face from having lived a life of joy with no regrets; clear in the ultimate understanding that every moment is precious so, be present and choose love as a mantra for existence.


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What is Your Intent Today?


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What is my Intent?

Each and every day I choose to live my life without fear; understanding that taking chances and keeping faith through adversity is to grow as a person and citizen of the world. Fear makes some people commit heinous acts and is responsible for so much suffering in people’s lives. Fear can prevent us from speaking out when seeing a wrong or blaming some “other” for our problems. 


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But, living fearlessly can open infinite possibilities. Believe and realize your dreams. Reach out and understand that a simple smile can brighten someone’s day. Adjust your attitude to a positive point of view and create the life you seek. 


Take the leap and have faith. Destiny lies in your hands.


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My Intention for each day:

  • Stand up for what’s right.

  • Show up as a witness and speak for the voiceless.

  • Choose to be positive in word and deed.

  • Be a possibility for the future.

  • Demonstrate Fortitude, Determination, and Hope









Emotions – The Joy of Sadness🎭

A common denominator for us all? – Emotions. I’ve learned over time to respect all my feelings. We have them for a reason and it’s okay to not have a perpetual smile on your face. It’s all about degrees. Without sadness, we wouldn’t appreciate the joy in our lives. I saw the Pixar movie “Inside Out” and loved it! It’s not just for kids, adults as well can learn a lot about how emotions affect us.

My heart went out to Sadness. For her, situations always seemed to go wrong. I’ve always felt that we’re conditioned to believe the only acceptable feeling is joy and the others, anger, fear and disgust are to be avoided. Even in the movie, Sadness tends to get a bad rap, but we need her. Plus, she’s so darn adorable!

I always try to remember that it’s okay to be sad sometimes. Just don’t forget to get back up again and celebrate joy!

What if God Was One of Us?


While watching one of my favorite tv shows, “The Voice”, I was struck by the lyrics of a song I haven’t heard in years, Joan Osborne’s incredible 1995 hit “What If God Was One of Us?” I instinctively grabbed my laptop and began writing down the bleak thoughts that had started rushing through my head.

With all the conflict, and negative energy coursing through the world these days, the question of the song lyric – “What if God Was One of Us?” made me pause and ponder; in what spirit are we living our lives?

“What if God was one of us, just a slob like one of us, just a stranger on the bus trying to make his way home?”

How we interact with or judge others has a ripple effect. Love and compassion shouldn’t be dirty words and we should be offended by and call out those who judge the world and view people through a crooked lens. As we go about our daily lives let’s be mindful and strive to live a life of hope, mercy, and kindness.

What we say and do matters. You never know who’s listening and watching.


 “My religion is simple. My religion is peace, love, compassion, and equality.”

 “Notes from Nora”

Joyful Thanks!

“It’s a Beautiful Day!”

From the first time I heard this song and still now, I feel joyful and appreciative for the blessing of waking up to a beautiful day! And my intention reminds me – make the most of it!

Since I’m a word girl and lyrics get butchered all the time,😄 I picked this video which showcases the impactful words of “Beautiful Day.” 



It sounds like such a simple thing to do but so easy to forget. Each day, each moment is a gift. I know for me, next time I question what’s up with time, I’ll have to reflect on my own sense of appreciation.



What Are You Thankful For?

Sharing a Thanksgiving meal with loved ones is truly a blessing. Having food on the table and a roof overhead is a luxury not everyone can afford.

As we enjoy our traditional turkey and pumpkin pie, let’s remember those without. Reaching out and sharing should be part of our consciousness as I believe we are our brother’s keeper.

As a cancer survivor I am keenly aware that tomorrow is not promised, appreciative of the fact that no matter how bleak the world may seem, we are only here as flesh and blood for a second in the Universe of time. We should not take for granted that we, as well as friends and family, will always be here.

As a child, I remember Sunday family dinners being a time to catch up on our week and just enjoy each other’s company. No TV, No Phones, but quality time to bond and appreciate these special moments.

Merely hanging out with our cohorts is a precious gift we should treasure and make time for in our busy lives. Enjoying these riches is a blessing we should value and appreciate; treating these simple but special occasions with tender loving care.

This Thanksgiving and every day, embrace each moment with mindful purpose and positive energy; understanding the importance of spending time and enjoying one another.

Let’s make it our mission to spread love and compassion. As the Dalai Lama said, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”

When we lose the ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, we lose touch with our humanity; devaluing the reality that just because it won’t affect us doesn’t lessen its impact on others.

Make it a point to lend a helping hand not only during the holidays but daily; praying for grace and mercy for all.

I am forever thankful and grateful to my beautiful family and friends. My cup runneth over with joy as I celebrate the blessings the Lord has given.

Happy Holidays!

In Times As These

After this is over


Last week I was feeling extremely stressed and in a fatalistic mood. I didn’t even feel like this when I had cancer. My emotions have been running the gamut of mad, sad, empathetic, scared, and grateful for those incredible souls on the frontlines who are working 24/7 to assist and save as many patients as possible.

So, I wrote a dark, end of the world, melancholy opus to fit my hopeless state of mind. After reading it to my husband and accepting my feelings; I shook myself and said “you can’t publish this. It’s okay to live in your emotions for a short while but, you must pick yourself up and put events into perspective. Creating the reality you want to see.

We’re all sad, frightened and hyper-sensitive of the ground shifting moment by moment on this roller-coaster ride that is Covid-19. “After all this…” is a reminder to refocus our minds and embrace the implications that are woven into Humanity.

I Am You and You Are Me. We Are Our Brothers and Sisters Keeper!