Life Reimagined Series: What Now? Part II



Welcome to Part 2 of Life Reimagined: What Now? 


In this Lesson: Trigger Moments (periods of uncertainty), we’re checking in on our mindfulness practices. Trigger Moments are those events (good or bad) that come along when our lives are on a plateau (a state of little or no change) and knocks us into limbo (an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution). It’s in these moments that lessons are learned. These are the opportunities to reflect on how we engage in the world around us.

Evaluation is a big part of this series. Exploring the concept of introspection as it applies to your daily life. My goal for this blog and sharing this course, Discover What’s Next: Living Life on Purpose, is to serve as a conduit to begin the journey. Sharing my beliefs in faith and positive energy is a daily goal of my Purpose, which is to bring others along on the road to self-discovery.


Third Trigger Moment

 After Cancer Treatment. What Now?

With my decision to choose Mindfulness in my cancer treatment and not assuming what that would entail, I had an incredible and empowering experience. Because being Mindfull means living in the moment, I didn’t think into the future about what would happen after treatment ended. I wanted to live each and every moment as if it were my last because I understood tomorrow is not promised.


Now that I’m a survivor and my life is settling back into a non-treatment day to day routine, I continue my efforts into self-discovery that I started before the colon and breast cancer diagnosis. Hence this course, Discover What’s Next: Living Life on PurposeThrough this work, I further understand my Purpose is to share my testimony of faith by authoring this blog and reaching out to others.


Reflecting back on those early decisions on how to approach life, I guess I’ve always had a risk-taking personality and a belief system to take on doubt and fear and go for it. 


In Part 1 of this Lesson, I described my first Trigger Moment, being cast in the theater production of “Bye, Bye Birdie” scenario. In that Trigger Moment, I made the choice to turn uncertainty on its ear by bringing my own accompanist to the audition to increase my odds of an exceptional performance and getting the part.

In the second Trigger Moment, I described the move from Chicago to Minneapolis example, in which I pushed my relocation assumptions aside by deciding to reach out to the acting community to negotiate my way back into an acting career in community theater. Letting go of assumption taught me I’m capable of anything if I really want it and there is no obstacle that can stand in my way. Those experiences brought growth and faith in the possibilities.


I continually discover that all things are possible when living a Mindful life. I cherish every moment by moment so that when my physical existence in this world is over, I can say – I didn’t just live, I was alive!


Thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoyed my post.:)

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