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3 Years Surviving and Thriving – Thank You!💖💖💖


I wrote this post 3 years ago to the day as a declaration of faith and gratitude as I embarked on this empowering and spiritual rebirth Cancer journey. Today, I stand as testimony that Love and Positive Energy can overcome all challenges in our lives but first, we must believe.


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I’d like to thank everyone for their words of encouragement and appreciation of my previous post, “It’s a Beautiful Day!” I start chemotherapy for my Colon Cancer tomorrow and it feels great going into it with positive thoughts and energy.

I claim there will be no side-effects from the treatment. I know some might think that’s being a little optimistic but how many people do you know with two unrelated cancers at the same time? Huh? I’m that special. Not at all typical and neither will be my experience. 😊

Erase all Doubt!





The Absolutely Perfect Day!


My Birthday/Chemo Over Party was absolutely incredible! Words can’t express my heartfelt feelings of appreciation and jubilation. The blessing of sharing this day with my fabulous family and friends was a dream come true! I’d been planning this celebration in my head for months, and my bestie Carmen and her husband, Ron opened up their hearts and beautiful home to make the day complete. I thank you and love you forever!


I moved away from my family, friends, and hometown of Detroit years ago so I don’t get to share in the day to day moments. When I decided to throw this bash it was very important for me to go home to commemorate the remarkable accomplishments of my colon and breast cancer journey. I am living proof of the power of prayer and the miracle of God. As we traveled back to Charlotte my husband noted that there was a light and expression of happiness on my face that lit up the entire room. 

I’m still grinning, rejoicing and reveling in God’s blessings, grace, and favor!

Wow! What an amazing feeling.


Celebrate Good Times!


The day is fast approaching and I am super excited about my upcoming Birthday and Chemo Over Party next Saturday! Gathering with family and friends is such a tremendous blessing.

This past year has truly been a world wind. Last May at this time I was preparing to celebrate my birthday with my buddies, the Minions and my very favorite wizard, Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Florida. It was the perfect way to enjoy and commemorate my 60th birthday. After all, I’m just a big kid at heart.

Then, only 2 months later, wham! A diagnosis of not one but two unrelated cancers – Colon and Breast. Was not expecting that, but my philosophy was to not assume what would happen throughout the process but trust in God, do my medical research and engage in the fight to survive.


With the support of friends, family, and the medical community, I was able to not only survive but thrive in what I call my “second chance” at life. Facing this challenge helped me realize the importance of living in the moment and loving out loud. So, I want to tell everyone how much I love them and appreciate the uplifting support I’ve been given. Thank you so very much!

As Dinah Washington once sang, “What a Difference a Day Makes…” I see this celebration as an accomplish not only for myself but for cancer survivors everywhere. So let’s celebrate good times!

In Celebration of Angels 😇

God’s love, mercy and grace know no bounds and God sent his angels to support me all around.

I’m dedicating this post to the two angels who have brightened my life and taken such incredible care of me!

Nurse Stephanie

Nurse Stephanie

From day one Nurse Stephanie put her angel wings around me, making me feel safe and secure. We bonded immediately and our friendship endures. Thanks so much for making my life and needs a priority by listening and addressing all my concerns. Your loving care is priceless. You rock! 💖

Nurse Chad

Nurse Chad

The Chad! Thanks so much for your warmth, patience and sincerity. I watched your interactions with other patients and knew that I was in great hands. Confident and strong with the biggest heart inside. I always knew you were there for me. 😘

Celebrate Life! – Last Chemo!

God is truly amazing! He’s walked with me every step of the way and my life has been forever changed because of his grace and favor. Through him, I’ve been given the strength and determination to prevail through my colon and breast cancer journey. My life has been blessed with the love and support of family and friends, doctors and nurses and I want to thank you all for your encouragement and prayers. I love you all!

Dreams do come true. Always Believe!


blessings Gods Hands




Happy😋 Happiness is the Truth!

In anticipation of my last chemo treatment, I’m feeling so very happy! The Pharell song “Happy” has been a favorite of mine since it was released and its message says it all for me. I’m happy and feel happiness is the truth. I feel like a room without a roof! Clap along if that’s what you want to do – Hallelujah!!

Share my happiness 💖

Dance Along 💃🏽



You Better Tell Somebody!

Chatting with my husband about his mother’s health, he talked about her pain medicine and how the dose wasn’t adequate for her pain level but she won’t speak up and tell her doctor about the problem.

Jokingly I said “she better tell somebody” so she’s not living in constant pain and proposed that perhaps I should do a speaking tour encouraging patients to work with their physician on any problems or concerns about their medical care.

Take Charge of your Healthcare

I tell my doctors immediately if I have concerns or any differences with my body or symptoms during my chemotherapy treatment. They know to depend on me to share.

Some may feel that sharing this information is a sign of weakness when in fact it’s empowering to take charge of your health and care. Having a reciprocal relationship with your physician is essential to managing any issues and addressing your concerns head on.

Maybe I should take my message on the road- the “You Better Tell Somebody” Tour. Next career endeavor? Humm, food for thought.