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If you’ve been following this series, (which hopefully you have been) you’re familiar with the introspection course Discover What’s Next: Living Life on Purpose that I’m undertaking and sharing with the blogging community. The theme of the project is focusing on our humanity; being reflective and motivated by Purpose. The mission that drives us to get up in the morning and greet the day. If this is your first time, not to worry, there’s still time to join in the discussion.

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As I’ve talked about before, being a colon and breast cancer survivor I’ve had to embrace my faith and continued belief that anything is possible like never before. Coming face to face with the reality that tomorrow is not promised, and to further my personal growth, I’m diving headlong into the investigation of the possibilities of what my life may hold.

Trying on a Purpose – Lesson Activity

For lesson 3, we’re going to “try on” our Purpose by defining exactly what that is. It’s okay if you haven’t ascertained what your Purpose is yet, feel free to use this – “to grow and give” as a start.

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Example Purpose Statement -“To Grow and Give.”

Think about your gifts and what you can offer that would be of value to others. What can I do to contribute to society in a positive way? This turns your idea of purpose into an actionable step.

  • Write down your Purpose Statement on a post-it note and stick it on your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder of what you’re about.

  • Every morning ask yourself – “How am I going to live this Purpose today?”

  • Every night, ask yourself – “How did I do? Did I grow today? Did I live my Purpose today?”

  • Look at your Purpose Statement for the next week.

  • Choose Purpose moments throughout the day.


For me, understanding my Purpose feels freeing and light. It reminds me in day to day encounters that my mission is to be a conduit to positive energy. There is no mountain too high to tackle and there is no valley low enough that I can’t rise above.


My Purpose Statement – “To share my observations on living a joyful life by writing about faith and positive energy”.


Always Remember! 

Purpose is: “A practice to be lived every day”



Follow the link below to begin the journey of living your life on purpose:


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