You Better Tell Somebody!

Chatting with my husband about his mother’s health, he talked about her pain medicine and how the dose wasn’t adequate for her pain level but she won’t speak up and tell her doctor about the problem.

Jokingly I said “she better tell somebody” so she’s not living in constant pain and proposed that perhaps I should do a speaking tour encouraging patients to work with their physician on any problems or concerns about their medical care.

Take Charge of your Healthcare

I tell my doctors immediately if I have concerns or any differences with my body or symptoms during my chemotherapy treatment. They know to depend on me to share.

Some may feel that sharing this information is a sign of weakness when in fact it’s empowering to take charge of your health and care. Having a reciprocal relationship with your physician is essential to managing any issues and addressing your concerns head on.

Maybe I should take my message on the road- the “You Better Tell Somebody” Tour. Next career endeavor? Humm, food for thought.



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