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The Absolutely Perfect Day!


My Birthday/Chemo Over Party was absolutely incredible! Words can’t express my heartfelt feelings of appreciation and jubilation. The blessing of sharing this day with my fabulous family and friends was a dream come true! I’d been planning this celebration in my head for months, and my bestie Carmen and her husband, Ron opened up their hearts and beautiful home to make the day complete. I thank you and love you forever!


I moved away from my family, friends, and hometown of Detroit years ago so I don’t get to share in the day to day moments. When I decided to throw this bash it was very important for me to go home to commemorate the remarkable accomplishments of my colon and breast cancer journey. I am living proof of the power of prayer and the miracle of God. As we traveled back to Charlotte my husband noted that there was a light and expression of happiness on my face that lit up the entire room. 

I’m still grinning, rejoicing and reveling in God’s blessings, grace, and favor!

Wow! What an amazing feeling.



Lesson for the day: “Live in the Moment.”


Living in the Moment!

After my final radiation treatment for breast cancer, I was kicking myself because I didn’t snap a selfie with Rachel (my technician) as I had intended, but at that emotional moment I totally forgot. Then, I came across a story on E Online that made me rethink my momentary memory loss.

At the premiere for ‘Black Mass’ with Johnny Depp, an old woman is captured – in the above photograph – as the only one not trying to take a picture like the others around her, she is gleefully living in that moment. (love her lavender frames.)😎  After treatment, my elated feelings were in real time, like the old woman’s and not about trying to capture that moment in a frame. That shot made me understand, It’s okay DM, there’s a lot to be said for “living in the moment.”