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Souls Recognize Like Souls


Connecting with a like-minded soul is a reaffirming experience. An immediate recognition of similar heartstrings and shared views of life. My husband and I relocated numerous times during his career so I was always the new kid on the block and the fact is it takes time to bond and to establish new friendships.

But, it wasn’t until we moved to Chicago and I ventured into the theater world did I realize how to make those connections while also feeding my creative soul and spirit.



When I walked into the audition space, there was an air of familiarity and excitement. As we talked and laughed about goofy things I thought I was the only one who got, a big happy grin appeared on my face. “I think I’ve found my home!”; others who appreciated a sense of expression and openness I was totally tuned into.  



My cancer journey has been such a similar revelation on so many levels. It’s been an awakening, a greater appreciation of my blessings, and a new opportunity to connected with beautiful, like-minded souls. I’ve often remarked how God sent me to Charlotte to connect me with all the incredible angels I needed to see me through and help me grow as I kept my faith and determination to live one moment at a time. 



From day one, the joking, laughing, and enjoying music in chemotherapy to my positive and best in their fields physicians who cared for me, the karma and the sense of kinship was very real. And once again, I knew I was right where I was supposed to be. 

And beautifully, it’s happened once again; connecting with new like-spirits. My new soulmates at the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and I share the same passion, drive, and commitment to ending the horror of cancer while also finding time to share a laugh and embrace a positive attitude and life of living one moment at a time.













Another Blessing as Angels Abound🙏🏽


One of the truths I’ve learned and continue to experience is the presence of Angels. Walking the path of my cancer journey, I have encountered beautiful Angels sent to guard and support me every step of the way. My first Angel appeared not an hour after I was told of the Colon Cancer. She called to let me know everything was going to be alright.

On that life-changing day as I sat on my sofa with pen and paper in hand trying to figure out my next move, God had already handled it. My Nurse Angel proceeded to set me up with a Second Opinion Clinic and shared the much-needed news that it was covered by insurance. As the process continued, she scheduled appointments with my Oncologist and after the devastating news of my Breast Cancer diagnosis connected me with my incredible, talented breast surgeon.


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Going into the unknown of my first Chemotherapy treatment I met two more Angels who wrapped me up in their wings and supported me, made me laugh, and provided comfort and continued faith that I had this. Absolutely! I had no doubt this was the case because God held my hand and had indeed sent them as gifts from Heaven.

My surgeons, medical personnel, and fellow cancer patients have all proved to be smiling Angels that remain influences in my life and commitment to living mindfully with a positive attitude.




Today I’m moving forward with my life cancer free and celebrating the dawning of each new day. Regular massages used to be a part of healthy pre-cancer times but sadly had to be put on hold since traveling the cancer road.

Recently, I took advantage of a great Groupon deal for my first massage in over a year. My body was so tight and has been in such need of the release of tension and toxins that were pumped into my body. Entering the calming, aromatic environment I instantly felt relaxed and welcomed. 




Once again, Angels abound in my incredibly blessed life as I encountered a kindred spirit who walks in the light of positive energy and sees her Purpose as reaching out with healing hands to extend a heartfelt message of love and compassion.

As she relieved the knots and massaged the bubbles of toxins from my body, this Angel also fed my spirit. We chatted about love and our collective souls. How significantly a simple smile or gesture can impact another person’s day; she believes as I do, our unified love is so much stronger than the toxicity of hate.



Maybe the world we find ourselves living in at this moment can be used as an opportunity to have a revolution of Love. To embrace one another no matter how familiar or foreign. We are more alike than different and maybe these times are a slap in the face to say WAKE UP! Don’t take this life for granted. Be a vessel of light and compassion. Believe in the power of  Love.


Angels abound and Love is their message.



In Celebration of Angels 😇

God’s love, mercy and grace know no bounds and God sent his angels to support me all around.

I’m dedicating this post to the two angels who have brightened my life and taken such incredible care of me!

Nurse Stephanie

Nurse Stephanie

From day one Nurse Stephanie put her angel wings around me, making me feel safe and secure. We bonded immediately and our friendship endures. Thanks so much for making my life and needs a priority by listening and addressing all my concerns. Your loving care is priceless. You rock! 💖

Nurse Chad

Nurse Chad

The Chad! Thanks so much for your warmth, patience and sincerity. I watched your interactions with other patients and knew that I was in great hands. Confident and strong with the biggest heart inside. I always knew you were there for me. 😘