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Together We Rise ✊🏽 Women March!



Healthcare Rights

Women’s Rights

Voting Rights

LGBTQ Rights

Human Rights

I’m still fired up by the response and energy the world displayed on Saturday as women rose up around the world to say: “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take this anymore!”


Democracy in action full force. 



I felt so proud and excited participating in this powerful exercise of civic duty in action; pushing back against an administration built on lies, hate, racism, misogyny, and Islamaphobia.

This election has shown the American people how important it is to engage in the process and “take it to the streets” in a show of solidarity that we the people have the power to affect change not only in the US but around the world!



The positive energy and determination to continue this organizing renewed my belief in 21st-century change. The outpouring of voices and sheer numbers of those who marched was incredible! 


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The Women’s March was not just a one-day affair, groups are forming all around the country and we have a strategy moving forward.



Our first event this Tuesday was protesting against the “Swamp Cabinet” of nominees in front of the office of Senator Thom Tillis who represents my state of North Carolina.

In a 24-hour time period, we were able to mobilize over 100 protesters in a show of unity. I had the privilege to speak and make my voice heard and I’m even more fired up than ever before.


I’ve already connected with progressive groups MoveOn, Indivisible and Organizing for America. Like I said, this is not a fluke and the fight for justice is just beginning. We will keep pushing this momentum!




Let’s keep this energy going and continue to work toward moving this country forward and completing the work that reflects the true desires of the American people.






Serenity of Sound 🎶




An awesome friend shared this serene, jazzy, cool and funky piece of music to serve as a respite from the day to day crazy. I told him this will be my go-to number when the world pushes me to scream.

I hope we are all taking moments to breathe, meditate, and count our blessings. Our spirits are more infinite than this temporary corporal home. In order to do what we need to and stand up and fight for humanity and justice, we need all the energy, love and positive vibes we can muster.



Celebrating the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.🙏🏽✌🏽


“The time is always right to do what is right.”  

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



Today, we celebrate the legacy and love of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As I listen to the song “Glory” by John Legend and Common, I weep with the pain of those who’ve sacrificed their lives for the cause of justice and humanity.  


One of my favorite quotes from Dr. King is:



I attended a rally yesterday to raise my voice against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and will continue to speak out whenever I see injustice and refuse to stay silent about the things that matter.


Happy Birthday, Dr. King!


Keep On Pushing!✊🏽



Life has a way of slapping us in the face just when we think we’ve got it licked. When those moments arrive, I always look for quotes, videos, songs whatever it takes to inspire and motivate me to thrive, push through the hills and achieve my personal goals.


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Livinginthemoment2015 is an excellent venue to share expressions of inspiration and attitude adjustments; hopefully, encouraging self-realization and strength.

Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions released “Keep on Pushing” in 1964 and it quickly became an anthem for the drive, empowerment, and perseverance to have Faith and always keep on pushing.


So when times get tough and you feel like quitting always remember


Yes We Did! ✌🏽🇺🇸



Barack Hussein Obama

44th President of the United States of America

Thank You!

“We’ve made America a better, stronger place for the generations that will follow. We’ve run our leg in a long relay of progress, knowing that our work will always be unfinished. And we’ve reaffirmed the belief that we can make a difference with our own hands, in our own time. That’s the imperative of citizenship — the idea that, with hard work, and a generous heart toward our fellow Americans, people who love their country can change it.


barack obama


I’m filled with so many emotions after President Obama’s Farewell Address last evening; ranging from wonderful personal memories, anguish, anger, and Pride. This morning, I’m also filled with a renewed sense of commitment and hope.


My Memories

These past 8 years have been living proof that we can be a more progressive, inclusive, loving America. The President brought out the best and sadly the worse in the American people but also taught us a lesson, one I hope we all learn; for always, “The Struggle Continues”.


First Inauguration

January 20, 2009

President Obama was eloquent, dignified, passionate, and very loved by an audience of 20,000 whose shouts of 4 more years filled the capacity full convention center. Watching on television, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to bid adieu to My President. A man who taught me how to organize, get fired up, and that We the People have the power to affect Change.



January 10, 2017


Make no mistake, we shall not see the likes of a Barack Hussein Obama ever again. Once in a lifetime comes a human spirit who captures the hearts and minds of millions and energized a nation to move forward and be the “Change We Seek”.




A family man and loving husband. (Wow, integrity on Capitol Hill!) He’s the real deal. Those that claim to hate him will live to regret their obstructionism and racism. Those of us who love him are filled with Pride and Admiration for a man who worked so hard, dreamed so big, and accomplished so much!




I will not say farewell to 44 but instead, welcome to Part 2 of our goals to perfect a more perfect union.



Let’s keep organizing and proving once again, Yes We Can!

Rise Up Resistance!✊🏽


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“Rise Up” by Andra Day is by far my favorite song of 2016. Its message reminds me of the strength and power we all have within us. That fighting spirit necessary to overcome the strife and challenges in our lives and overcome them.

With the impending travesty about to happen on January 20th, I find solace in this anthem of Empowerment and Faith in the future and what we can do to affect Change.

Rise Up!


This One Act Saved My Life!


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With the devastating prospect of repealing The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), I couldn’t keep silent about its affect on me.

In one word, Obamacare has meant for me – Life! In 2015 I was diagnosed with both Colon and Breast Cancer. After a job loss because of the Recession in 2008, my husband and I were without healthcare. When President Obama made possible a right I believe every American citizen should have, Healthcare, we could afford a plan with the help of the subsidies.

If not for Obamacare, we would have faced the daunting challenge of fighting Cancer without insurance and the possibility of not receiving the necessary treatment to save my life.


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It is unspeakable to me how anyone feels they have the right to deny their fellow citizens access to proper healthcare and quality of life especially while enjoying their own. If the Republican Party gets their way, nearly 30 million people will lose their health care coverage.

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That’s 30 million people who could be placed in a position where they’re made to choose between getting the preventative care they need or be forced to go to the emergency room when it’s already too late.


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One of those 30 million people could be your cousin, your neighbor, your coworker, or a parent whose child sits next to yours in school every day. One of them could be you.

The fight for affordable care is bigger than politics. It’s a fight to say that we won’t turn our backs on each other when someone needs us the most. It’s a fight about our humanity.


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For me, Cancer came out of left field and obviously nothing I would wish on my worst enemy. We never know what tomorrow holds, so be careful about looking at Obamacare from an “It’s not helping me” position, and think about how it benefits those who may have died because of not having access to health insurance.


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“This is my doctrine: Give every other human being every right you claim for yourself.”
Robert G. Ingersoll, The Liberty of Man, Woman, and Child 

So, let’s work together to make the necessary improvements needed to make The Affordable Care Act work for everyone and continue to bring dignity and hope to millions of Americans.

Happy New Year! 🎉 🍾

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I was so blessed over the holidays to spend precious time with my 2 grown kids; although I will always see them through the mother lens of them still being 5 years old. 

Priority one was getting in as many hugs as possible before sadly bidding adieu when the Christmas break was over. They are such a wondrous gift in my life and I thank God for them every single day.


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Entering the new year I was thinking about my intention for the coming days. Faith always, Determination without a doubt, but Realization seems to keep coming into my mind. To realize my dreams, desires, and goals. My incredible trip to Italy in the Spring is part of an intention I committed to in 2016 and I want to stay on this train for even bigger and better adventures!




In 2017 I will continue to have Faith, Determination, and Gratitude. I will let nothing stand in the way of my realizing abundant goals and dreams!


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