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Keep On Pushing!✊🏽



Life has a way of slapping us in the face just when we think we’ve got it licked. When those moments arrive, I always look for quotes, videos, songs whatever it takes to inspire and motivate me to thrive, push through the hills and achieve my personal goals.


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Livinginthemoment2015 is an excellent venue to share expressions of inspiration and attitude adjustments; hopefully, encouraging self-realization and strength.

Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions released “Keep on Pushing” in 1964 and it quickly became an anthem for the drive, empowerment, and perseverance to have Faith and always keep on pushing.


So when times get tough and you feel like quitting always remember


What a Feeling!



“First when there’s nothing, but a slow glowing dream, that your fear seems to hide deep inside your mind..”

“What a Feeling” – from the film “FlashDance.”


Since the first time I heard this inspiring Irene Cara hit, it’s become a personal mantra and life philosophy.

“Take your passion and make it happen..” 

This song excited and motivated me to pursue my dream of becoming an actress and performing in community theater.

“Believe in yourself and what you can accomplish.”

Today that determination and confidence strengthens my will and shows me that I can accomplish whatever I want. So, cancer, you don’t stand a chance!

What a Feeling!