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Just a Thought…

Often we forget that life is a series of experiences meant to challenge and develop our will.

“Fall and Get Back Up” was a skill we had to develop to learn to walk, taking the first steps into our vast new world.

So, maybe the next time we fall we should remember that it’s the “Fall and Get Back Up” that sets our course and shapes our will as we enter an infinite new horizon.

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Keep On Pushing!✊🏽



Life has a way of slapping us in the face just when we think we’ve got it licked. When those moments arrive, I always look for quotes, videos, songs whatever it takes to inspire and motivate me to thrive, push through the hills and achieve my personal goals.


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Livinginthemoment2015 is an excellent venue to share expressions of inspiration and attitude adjustments; hopefully, encouraging self-realization and strength.

Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions released “Keep on Pushing” in 1964 and it quickly became an anthem for the drive, empowerment, and perseverance to have Faith and always keep on pushing.


So when times get tough and you feel like quitting always remember


Perserverance – Embracing the Hills

Throughout my cancer journey, I’ve always looked for quotes, videos, songs to inspire and motivate me to thrive, “push through the hills” and reach my personal success. I like to share these words and moments with others to hopefully inspire self-realization and strength. I came across this motivational video on YouTube and was moved, encouraged and felt like, I get it and I intend to live my life always pushing forward and embracing the hills.


Always Remember

Never Give Up