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The First 100 Days – Birth of a Movement!✊✌🏼

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There’s nothing like a united community to strengthen your resolve when struggling with pain or challenges in your life. So many of us who feared for our nation found out that we were not alone and that we have the power to affect change. 



The Women’s March on January 21, 2017, in DC and around the world was a galvanizing moment of solidarity. We were all blown away by the sheer numbers of marchers and the overriding theme of we do not respect this “so-called” President and plan to do everything in our power to fight back against the horrendous agenda put forth during his disgusting campaign.


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The energy generated on that day lit a fire under those of us involved and even those who had never been involved in politics or marches before. Simultaneously groups sprung up across the country to organize and strategize on how to defend our rights against proposed legislation and demonstrate our opposition to actions that had already occurred.


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The determination to resist Trump has awakened a sleeping giant that is vehemently “woke” who won’t be lying back down anytime soon! The only positive effect Trump has had since his election is to force citizens to stand up for themselves and their neighbors; a realization that has had a profound effect not only on myself but the country as a whole.


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The project that took me out of despairing and the corner of my living room after election night was the ResistTrumpTuesdays rallies created by the community organization MoveOn. The idea was to harness the overwhelming energy from the Women’s March into an actionable plan of protesting for the first 100 days of the administration at local representative’s offices to express your feelings and displeasure about the state of the nation.


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Our Charlotte ResistTrumpTuesdays began on January 24th with hundreds of us regularly showing up at lunchtime to share our deeply personal stories on many topics including healthcare, Russian involvement in our election, the immigration ban. I’m proud to say we created a safe environment where everyone felt free to express themselves.


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This past Tuesday was our last official gathering but definitely not the last in the fight to kick out of office those who would do harm to the American people.

This slideshow highlights the camaraderie and kinship we have felt and developed over these past 100 Days of Action!


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Together We Rise ✊🏽 Women March!



Healthcare Rights

Women’s Rights

Voting Rights

LGBTQ Rights

Human Rights

I’m still fired up by the response and energy the world displayed on Saturday as women rose up around the world to say: “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take this anymore!”


Democracy in action full force. 



I felt so proud and excited participating in this powerful exercise of civic duty in action; pushing back against an administration built on lies, hate, racism, misogyny, and Islamaphobia.

This election has shown the American people how important it is to engage in the process and “take it to the streets” in a show of solidarity that we the people have the power to affect change not only in the US but around the world!



The positive energy and determination to continue this organizing renewed my belief in 21st-century change. The outpouring of voices and sheer numbers of those who marched was incredible! 


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The Women’s March was not just a one-day affair, groups are forming all around the country and we have a strategy moving forward.



Our first event this Tuesday was protesting against the “Swamp Cabinet” of nominees in front of the office of Senator Thom Tillis who represents my state of North Carolina.

In a 24-hour time period, we were able to mobilize over 100 protesters in a show of unity. I had the privilege to speak and make my voice heard and I’m even more fired up than ever before.


I’ve already connected with progressive groups MoveOn, Indivisible and Organizing for America. Like I said, this is not a fluke and the fight for justice is just beginning. We will keep pushing this momentum!




Let’s keep this energy going and continue to work toward moving this country forward and completing the work that reflects the true desires of the American people.