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“Best and Worst of Times” A Reflection

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My Very First Post

I believe new information, unlikely events, and seemingly out of the blue opportunities are put in front of us for a reason. They can reveal just the information we need to move forward with an idea or plan, an event that demonstrates or inspires up to do what’s been in our head, and opportunities to prove that we can do this; act on our dreams and take advantage of the situation to make them come true.




I love FaceBook memories because they take us back to a particular point in time, a viewpoint we had at a snapshot moment in our lives. This recollection took me back to my very first post and the need I had in that instance to verbalize what was going on as my world was turning upside down.


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The impetus to re-post this piece, I believe, presented itself for a reason; to remind me where I’ve come from. By revealing my experiences it allows an opportunity to reach out to others and perhaps shed light or make a difference in my audience’s perspective.

Thanks everyone for reading, sharing, and following Livinginthemoment2015, you’ve made a tremendous difference over the past year with your encouragement and positive feedback. 💖


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First published on October 13, 2009

“Best and Worst of Times”

Husband laid off after 20 years! Starting our own business!! Moving to Charlotte!!!? What??

These are the “out of left field” string of events that lead to this blog. Even though I didn’t even know what that term “blog” meant until about 8 months ago, I knew I had to share my vision and excitement about what I believe is the rebirth of the entrepreneur.


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When I first heard the news about my husband’s layoff after 20 years of the same company, the first thought that hit me was “Yes! Now I’ll finally be able to get out of this freakin’, frozen tundra.” That reaction might sound odd but I looked at the layoff as an opportunity not a source of distress or panic. It felt like freedom to me and a chance for us to do something for ourselves, something we felt passionately about instead of giving our talents away to a company that viewed us as “just another body on the assembly line.”


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We can no longer rely on “The Corporation” to take care of us and guarantee retirement and pensions and stability. All our beliefs about the safety net of “The Corporation” have been turned inside out. It doesn’t matter what level – management to mailroom- all bets are off! No one is safe. We are all vulnerable. But, if we’re not afraid and have heart, we can beat the system at its own game.

Somewhere along the line, we forgot that it’s the small, mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs that are the backbone of this country and our economy. We forgot that “we the people” have the power to direct our own destiny and we don’t need to rely on “The Corporation” to fulfill our “American Dream.”

Corporations may be slashing the positions of their “best and brightest” for the sake of the shareholders and the bottom line but in the end, it will come back to bite them. More and more of us are starting our “own thing”. With social networking and media, we’re tapping into alternative methods to realize our potential and thinking in terms “outside the box.”



These are truly the “Best of Times and Worse of Times.” The best of times because of the chance to get back to basics. To create our own blueprint of the future. One that advances our society to the next level. But it can also be the worse of times if we don’t take advantage of this moment to reach for new heights and change our shared destiny.


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Re-reading a piece or thoughts you had in the past can be very eye-opening and an opportunity to reflect on your life since then. How have you changed? Do you still feel the same? Or, think it was utter nonsense and naivete?

Reading this post again after several years, my first thought was I still believe every word and subscribe to that optimistic attitude on life. Use chaos as an opportunity to change, move forward, and create a new opportunity.


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