Sounds of Serenity


I am filled with joy having spent a fabulous week of relaxation on the lanai of two very dear friends; reminiscing, hugging and appreciating the feelings of calmness and serenity. With all the worldwide madness happening every day, it’s important to take a step back and rejoice in the blessings and inspirations in your life. The day to day can be overwhelming at times and we can feel helpless from the inability to control the situations surrounding us.


Breath. Inhale, exhale and let go of all the stress you’re holding onto. I often need to remind myself to do so. I can’t control the chaos in the world or behavior of others, but I can control internalizing my anger, pain, and disgust by making it a point to spend time with awesome friends, volunteer, take a nature walk, and appreciate God’s glory.

The first thing I did after being diagnosed with not one but two cancers – colon and breast – was to seek the solace of meditation and finding my happy place. My physical body and spirit didn’t need the outside stress, having enough on my plate to deal with. I needed to find strength and faith from within; which is where true peace and serenity lie.

I use this video as a reprieve from stress. A tranquil place. A serene place. My own private happy place.

Peace ✌

Happy Friday!




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