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No Day But Today!✨

“Fear is a thief. It robs us of the opportunity to stand in the moment and forces us to focus on the past and future instead of the now.”





This quote is in the true spirit of my philosophy that we create our own reality and the power of belief and faith is undeniable. I’m still pinching myself from the incredible reality I created upon realizing my dream adventure to Florence, Italy.


The Basilica of St. Mark’s Square in Venice


My wish is to see others realize their dreams and believe that all things are possible with faith. However, you can’t just lay on your sofa and hope for things to be, you make things happen by having an open mind and planning so you’re ready when the opportunity presents itself. 

Let’s take the words can’t, maybe, someday and when I retire out of our vocabulary. As I’ve stated before and will continue to raise up, the only reality we have is in this moment. Not the past, and not the future but right NOW!


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It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since I’ve heard this powerful song from the Broadway play and film “Rent”, my reaction is always the same; tears streaming down my face as the words forever ring true and the emotion it stirs remains very real.


Tomorrow is not promised so there is – “No Day But Today!”


BreakOut! It’s Better to Travel✈



In anticipation of my dream of a lifetime trip to Florence, Italy next month, I’ve decided to carry on my adventures beyond just this destination. I owe it to myself and my life’s purpose to explore and grow in mind and spirit through travel.

My daughter who’s traveled around the world has long been an inspiration for the idea of discovering new and different cultures. She’s shown me that stepping outside of one’s day-to-day familiar surroundings opens the door to vast experiences and learning opportunities about others and hopefully oneself. 


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I invite you to make plans for maybe your first or even your next adventure. We all benefit from reaching out and bonding with our fellow human beings. We may come from different lands but we all share the same DNA. Take a chance and step outside of your comfort zone. Share the love!

So, in the spirit of breaking out and discovery, I present this energizing tune from one of my favorite bands, Swing Out Sister. Their 1986 hit “Breakout” is a single from this British act’s debut album It’s Better to Travel and has revved me up on numerous occasions. It always inspires me to get up and get out there. Today’s the day to make it happen!




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Faith and Dreams of a Lifetime🙏🏽🛫




I never cease to be amazed by the blessings in my life. The lessons I learned during my battle with Colon and Breast Cancer on patience and being present in each moment have deeply affected my concept of what it means to be. Each second is so precious and to under appreciate that fact robs you of the truth of happiness.


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On March 22nd, the date of my final Chemotherapy treatment, I made a promise to myself to fulfill a lifelong dream of experiencing the beauty of Florence, Italy in the Spring.

Well, as I often say, God is good every day, because not only will I embark upon my Florence adventure in the Spring of 2017, but, as the cherry on top, I also snagged a killer deal on 2 tickets – 2 ROUND TRIP TICKETS to Italy for less than $1,000 dollars! Am I blessed or what?


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Florence, Italy

At first, I just sat on my sofa and stared at the numbers on the computer screen. Did I enter the wrong destination? Is this fare for Florida? No! After calling Delta Airlines, who confirmed the legitimacy of the price, those bad boys were mine. And, today I sit in anticipation of this amazing gift while researching day trips to Venice, Tuscany and Rome!


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I’m still pinching myself and giving praise. Thank you, Lord, for your love, your grace, and your favor.

One of the reasons I share my journey is to serve as a living testimony to the power of Faith. When you pursue your goals with Faith, you can live the life you desire and witness your dreams come true.


Keep the Faith!