BreakOut! It’s Better to Travel✈



In anticipation of my dream of a lifetime trip to Florence, Italy next month, I’ve decided to carry on my adventures beyond just this destination. I owe it to myself and my life’s purpose to explore and grow in mind and spirit through travel.

My daughter who’s traveled around the world has long been an inspiration for the idea of discovering new and different cultures. She’s shown me that stepping outside of one’s day-to-day familiar surroundings opens the door to vast experiences and learning opportunities about others and hopefully oneself. 


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I invite you to make plans for maybe your first or even your next adventure. We all benefit from reaching out and bonding with our fellow human beings. We may come from different lands but we all share the same DNA. Take a chance and step outside of your comfort zone. Share the love!

So, in the spirit of breaking out and discovery, I present this energizing tune from one of my favorite bands, Swing Out Sister. Their 1986 hit “Breakout” is a single from this British act’s debut album It’s Better to Travel and has revved me up on numerous occasions. It always inspires me to get up and get out there. Today’s the day to make it happen!




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