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We Can Do This!✌🏼️💗



It’s been a year since I started my fight against Colon and Breast Cancer and today I’m a Survivor! 

Let’s do what we can to win this war and find a cure for all cancers!


 Join the Fight to Find a Cure!



For More Information:

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN)



Let’s Do This! 


The Grief of Cancer Loss

So many of us have been affected by cancer in some way, shape or form. One of my very best girlfriend’s mother recently passed from cancer and my heart was filled with pain and understanding of how this scourge takes its toll.

Grief Tears

My high school, college roommate “sister” checks on me regularly concerned about the effects of my chemo treatment and cancer journey, making sure I’m eating enough, drinking enough and just generally taking care of myself. Even through her grief, she reaches out, makes me laugh and I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful soul in my life. I love her and share her deep sorrow.


We’ve got to find a cure for this horrible disease so we can stop the pain, anguish and tears of losing our loved ones and ourselves. 

Cancer sucks!

Cancer Sucks Let's Fight

It’s a Beautiful Day!

As my journey fighting cancer continues, I find myself more conscious of God’s grace in waking me up each day. The gift that I’ve been given from this challenge is the opportunity to appreciate, enjoy and live each day with purpose and without fear. Fear is a thief. It robs us of the opportunity to stand in the moment and forces us to focus on the past and future instead of the now.


I tell my family that going through this is really God’s love. He loves me so much that he wants me to go to the next level of awareness.  To stretch and fully treasure my life and those in it.

I haven’t seen or heard this powerful song from the Broadway play and film “Rent” in numerous years and was caught off guard when listening as the tears began to stream down my face. The words still ring true and my emotion is still very real.


Tomorrow is not promised so there is – “No Day But Today.”