It’s a Beautiful Day!

As my journey fighting cancer continues, I find myself more conscious of God’s grace in waking me up each day. The gift that I’ve been given from this challenge is the opportunity to appreciate, enjoy and live each day with purpose and without fear. Fear is a thief. It robs us of the opportunity to stand in the moment and forces us to focus on the past and future instead of the now.


I tell my family that going through this is really God’s love. He loves me so much that he wants me to go to the next level of awareness.  To stretch and fully treasure my life and those in it.

I haven’t seen or heard this powerful song from the Broadway play and film “Rent” in numerous years and was caught off guard when listening as the tears began to stream down my face. The words still ring true and my emotion is still very real.


Tomorrow is not promised so there is – “No Day But Today.”


4 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful Day!

  1. Sands,

    Fear is the antithesis of faith. I am so happy that you know where to put fear. Way away from you, extinguished by the power of your faith. As you weather this storm remember that storms are finite phenomena. In the words of my dear father, “Storms don’t last always” This storm for you will culminate in two things, healing and a blessing. The blessing that results from adversity is your reward of greater faith. I thank God for your healing and blessing. Both are already in process and at the same time already done.

    Luv you sands


    • Hi Sands,
      I bought a t-shirt that says: “Erase all Doubt” because that’s my spirit. God has already healed me and like your father said, “storms don’t last always.” I continue to be blessed daily and your love truly lifts me.
      Love you much💗


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