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Tenacity of Hope!Ôťî­čĆ╝


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The lives of millions of Americans have been shaken since election day. With eyes pried open, we have been forced to confront a 2017 reality we never imagined. In my life, it’s been a renewal of activism. My energy and spirit have been revived, in these dangerous days, since joining a growing resistance┬áto fight hatred and bigotry by promoting a worldview of love.


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Penning this blog has been a revelation of change and the process of growing stronger through it. My original goal was to share my life journey with friends and family afar to keep them updated on the day to day of my cancer treatment.


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I’m still sharing my story but to an even wider audience now; speaking at rallies and in a soon to be published article in my local paper on the impact of the Affordable Care Act making possible the affordability of my cancer treatments. Without the ACA I might not be alive today.

When we reach out to one another with empathy and truth, we grow. Everyone benefits from a world of inclusion, not exclusion and with each life we touch we spread positive energy and an attitude of hope.


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It’s truly a blessing to be able to author this blog and interact with this beautifully┬ádiverse world. My spirit is renewed each day with the rising promise and tenacity of Hope.


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