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A Day and Life of BlessingsūüéČ

Mommy, me, Yogi!

Today as I celebrate 63 years of blessings I find myself feeling blissfully emotional about all the love and grace I’ve received on my “Miracle Day”. I call it “Miracle Day” because we are all little miracles favored by God to exist.

Last night watching Janet Jackson accept her Billboard Icon Award I took a pause and thought, wow, what a career and accomplishments; what have I done? At that same moment I slapped myself¬†and said – girl, what is your deal, you have been blessed in a myriad of ways and never, ever, ever, base your life in comparison to someone else’s! (You don’t know their “back” story – might NOT want it.)¬†

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My accomplishments can’t be measured by trophies or ceremonies, they are living legacies¬†to love, peace, and humanity; two amazing spirits I’ve been blessed to be called mom!¬†

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“Fragile is Man, his strength found in boundless love.” DonnaMarie


More blessings of a soulmate of over 40-years. Thank you, honey, for your boundlessness. ♥

Thanks¬†so much to everyone for all the birthday wishes and expressions of love you’ve shared with me today; my spirit has been nourished and my heart is forever grateful!

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Happy 60th Birthday, Honey


This post is dedicated to my wonderful husband in celebration of his 60th birthday. We’ve shared a lot of special memories throughout the years since becoming friends in high school. Perhaps it was providence, but we ended up living in the same dorm and eventually falling in love at The University of Michigan. We joined our lives together almost 38 years ago, and were blessed with two beautiful children who have grown into remarkable spirits.

So, in honor of you Kevan, blow out your candles and let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Love You!