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Forever Friendship 💖


Once again, the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to spend time with some very special friends while celebrating my incredible husband’s 60th birthday. True friendships are a treasure. It’s the joy of knowing that even if you haven’t seen each other in years, you don’t miss a beat hugging and joining together like you were never apart. 


Both my immediate and extended family are really close. When I hear or read stories about feuding families and estranged relationships it makes me sad. Our love for one another is really all we have when you think about it; a fact I appreciate even more having fought for my life battling colon and breast cancer. Material things don’t matter or last. Real friendship is forever.


Thanks Ron and Margaret for your love and support. We were blessed the day we met with a friendship that endures and will always mean the world to me.


Where Everybody Knows Your Name👼



One of the positives about all the doctors visits and treatments I’ve had over the past months is the familiarity. I had a Bone Density Test today to establish a baseline as I’ve started my Hormone Treatment for my breast cancer. One of the possible side effects is weakening of the bones. But, just as I announced when I started Radiation and Chemotherapy, NO MAJOR SIDE EFFECTS! It looks like I’ve got good bones to begin with and I plan to keep it that way.




But I digress. My bone density appointment was at my “home away from home” location, the medical center where the chemo infusion suite is located, where I have my mammograms and now testing on bone density. It was warm and reassuring to be greeted by a familiar face, my tech who I worked with before for my mammogram testing. We share a hug and talk about childhood toys and music during the test. (baby boomer like me:) She’s an old friend now and I feel right at home checking in for my regular tests at the medical center.




I also ran into one of my chemo/infusion suite friends and his wife coming out of the elevator. He’s been struggling with his treatments and his body’s reactions. We share a smile of camaraderie as we relate to our cancer journey. After my bone density test, I bop into my oncologist’s office to say hi as I head home for my favorite breakfast/lunch entree – Honey Nut Cheerios. 😊


Love and appreciate my “angels” and feel such gratitude for all my blessings. 👼