Archive | May 9, 2016

Rise – A Relay For Life 👣💜


Here we are, sharing the walk for those of us who’ve survived and those in remembrance. 

I continue to testify that my cancer journey has been simply amazing! Meeting the bravest and most determined people in spite of and because of our quest for hope and a second chance at life. The Cancer Survivor Dinner and the Relay For Life fundraiser have been a heartwarming introduction to the cancer community.

I was a newbie at Relay For Life but met and celebrated with survivors with varying years of being cancer free. I’ve written about the sense of kinship throughout my journey with doctors, nurses, and technicians and now I can add more fellow cancer patients, volunteers, and caregivers to my inner circle.


The Relay For Life is all about celebrating our lives and successes while also honoring those who’ve lost the fight. We walked, talked, played games and some even broke out with the Whip and the Nae Nae! 😄

Whip and Nae Nae!

The conclusion of the night featured a sunset lighting of the Luminaries Ceremony. We decorated and left messages of love on each, a beautiful tribute to survivors and lost loved ones. Afterwards, attendees were invited to speak on why they Relay For Life.  The words were moving and emotional. I was feeling too much and didn’t testify, but my husband spoke eloquently and even attributed the quote “never give up, never surrender” from the film Galaxy Quest to me.

A wonderful friend recently dedicated “Rise” by Andra Day to me and this empowering message sums up exactly my sentiments and the determination of cancer survivors everywhere.


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