Archive | December 4, 2015

Lesson for the day: “Live in the Moment.”


Living in the Moment!

After my final radiation treatment for breast cancer, I was kicking myself because I didn’t snap a selfie with Rachel (my technician) as I had intended, but at that emotional moment I totally forgot. Then, I came across a story on E Online that made me rethink my momentary memory loss.

At the premiere for ‘Black Mass’ with Johnny Depp, an old woman is captured – in the above photograph – as the only one not trying to take a picture like the others around her, she is gleefully living in that moment. (love her lavender frames.)😎  After treatment, my elated feelings were in real time, like the old woman’s and not about trying to capture that moment in a frame. That shot made me understand, It’s okay DM, there’s a lot to be said for “living in the moment.”