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A Visit to Love💖

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It always feels so good taking a trip back home. I am wrapped in love and kinship even before I pass under the Welcome to Michigan sign.

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Living in North Carolina I don’t get to revel in nieces and nephews birthdays or a lazy Saturday afternoon get together. I miss those moments and while I was going through chemotherapy for colon and breast cancer, I vowed to return home more often. (Except Wintertime, too much snow and too much cold😄)

Part of my recent family weekend included hanging out with my bestie and her husband for the incredible brunch at the iconic restaurant The Gandy Dancer on the campus of my beloved University of Michigan.

Go Blue!

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As I write this, I’m beaming reflecting on how blessed I am to have such a loving and supportive circle of family and friends in my life. God is truly amazing every day and I thank him for his never ending Grace and Favor.



Love you all!



What Would You Do If?


the ultimate question!

I’d like to believe that I’ve always been willing to go for it. Running towards the possibilities and not letting fear of the unknown be part of my thought process. My mom always instilled in me that I could do anything so being a student at the University of Michigan was another step forward and a fantastic opportunity for me to express myself. I took my dream of being a writer and turned it into a reality, majoring in Radio, TV, and Film and subsequently landing an incredible job as Creative Director for a local Rock/Country radio station. 

                Go Blue!

Getting married! Come on now, that’s a leap of faith. 😍


Deciding to have a child and owning the birthing experience on my terms. Not in a hospital (too sterile and rigid for me) but, not at home with a midwife. I believed there was another option so started researching for something I didn’t even know existed. A “Birthing Center”, one of the first in the state of Michigan in the late 1970’s.


Starting an acting career at 40 yrs of age and performing in one of my favorite stage productions, West Side Story!


I sang, danced, was a Jet girlfriend and executed (for the first time ever) the most amazing gymnastic flips off my partner’s arm, his back and had the time of my life! Of course, my daughter had to bring my 40th birthday cake to the theater complete with 40 flaming candles. Loved it!  


Happy Birthday To Me!


Today, fighting and surviving 2 cancers at once, it’s more important than ever to live up to a credo of living fearlessly! I do believe that attitude dictates the quality of your life and tomorrow is not promised so what the heck – trust yourself and go for it!



Note to self – never stop asking this ultimate and most important question:


What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid?