What’s My Emotional Style?




My husband and I have been married for 38 years so we’ve literally grown up together. From teenagers to what some call “middle age” or “seniors” which I flat out reject because I still feel 25.

However, I digress. So, he was the first person I asked about my emotional style. He commented that I used to be more calm and gentle but my involvement in politics has brought on a more “aggressive” style. I thought, hmm, valid point. The madness is driving me mad.


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One of the first remarks from the author of this course – “Mindfulness and Meditation” Dr. Richard J. Davidson was that “our emotional styles change as a result of the barrage of experiences and relationships we have.” Hmm again, wonder if my husband’s driving me crazy on occasion has anything to do with my “aggressive” style:) Love you honeyšŸ˜˜


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Each of us has a unique emotional style. However, sometimes our style can hold us back and prevent us from leading the life we want. Good news is, we can reshape our styles to complement our desire for happiness and a life associated with it.

In my continuing quest for a deeperĀ understand of myself and emotional health, I’m delving into the study of Mindfulness and Meditation.


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Dr. Richard J. Davidson is a Psychologist and Founder of The Center for Healthy Minds at theĀ University of Wisconsinā€“Madison and his lifelong focus of study have revolved around the neurological aspects of the brain in relation to our emotions and how to affect changes.


The goal for studying Mindfulness and Meditation is to achieve happiness and well-being in life. Well-being is a skill we can cultivate like exercise. You can’t run a Marathon without a training regime. Day after day practice is necessary to affect the outcome and results desired. Achieving happiness and well-being can be accomplished if we practice healthier habitsĀ of the mind.


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When asked in group discussion why I was taking this course I described my practicing meditation in my fight against colon and breast cancer. I believe using meditation as a method for focusing on faith and healing worked and I’ve discovered my Purpose is to share this information with others. I want to learn more tools to grow and promote a life of happiness and well-being.


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We Can Change the Dimensions of Emotional Style and Cultivate Compassion and Empathy.


Throughout the course, I will be learning techniques of meditation and lifestyle changes. I invite you to join me and ask yourself, what’s my emotional style and is it helping or hurting my desire for happiness and peace in my life?


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