What’s Up With Time?

What is it about getting older and the concept of time? When we’re young, time seems to drag on. (last day of school anticipation before summer vacation.) Now, I don’t understand the rapidity of my life and life events.

But, maybe I’m looking at time from the wrong perspective.


Thinking it through and talking to my sister has brought me to the conclusion that maybe the reason that time seems to be rushing by is that I’m no longer experiencing time and viewing life like a kid, rivaling in special events and moment markers like summer vacation, Christmas, or even losing a baby tooth. Maybe the fact of the matter is that as I’m getting older I’m not making each day an event or recognizing a special moment.


As we’re approaching the end of the year, I’m looking back, and frankly there are few moments that stand out or I actually remember. January through April, forget about it, What did I do, accomplish, celebrate? Okay, in May I turned the big 60! That birthday was really surreal because I might be 60 chronologically, but internally, I still feel 23. That’s been my go-to number for years, (although the year my son turned 23 he told me it might be a little weird with us being the same age, so I agreed to bump it up to 25:)


My 60th birthday has come to mark the start of my 2015 timeline. I celebrated my bday at Universal Studios (one of my favorite destinations) and partied with the Minions, which was AWESOME!!!


But, the events that really stand out as my actual “birthday” are my diagnosis of colon cancer and then less than a month later breast cancer. Those diagnoses were truly a Godsend and a blessing – they were the catalyst for my awakening to living a mindful and purposeful life.

I thank God every day for his love, grace and the blessing of a second chance at life.







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