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What’s Your Destiny?đź”®


“You will find your inner calling and your life will get a positive boost. This path is irreversibly yours and only you can walk it to the end! Your destiny will accompany you all the way!” 


Sometimes I love taking those FaceBook tests like what your sign means, favorite party buddies, what animal best represents your personality? You know, just random, fun activities when you’re probably a little bored. As you can see, this is the result of one of my late-night, what the heck efforts. I concur with the results and this is my viewpoint on the subject.

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Some surrender to Destiny as a fixed point that can’t be altered. I am of the mind that it’s a fluid, organic destination that depends on the decisions we make and the roads we travel.

There’s a mind-bending but thought-provoking film, Donnie Darko (2001) that seeks to postulate the question of destiny. Well, Donnie had some coping issues and wormholes were involved but, I believe it gives pause to everyone who watches.

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Presented with the outcomes of our various choices, what would we do with this foreknowledge? Would we continue down a given path or try to alter that conclusion? That’s pretty much what we do when we explore our purpose and motivation to wake up every day.

Perhaps that’s why we seek out fortune tellers; to give us the answers to our questions about our Destiny. If they predict good things we are elated; if doom is forecast we feel scared and apprehensive. It all boils down to what we accept as our reality. What we regard as true we give rise to and bring forth into our lives; a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

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My Destiny is Freedom. I choose to put trust in that prediction because I have faith that I am free, open and ready for the adventures that lie before me.

How about you?

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