There Ain’t Nothin’ Gonna Steal My Joy

When I saw this video on Facebook I couldn’t help the tremendous smile that came across my face as I reveled in the sublime joy of this little lady. 

She was present in the moment and oblivious to judgment and the others around her. This is what I call purity of being; or as they used to say in church when I was growing up – “being filled with the holy spirit.” I must have played this proud mom’s video at least 5 times straight including grabbing my husband for the “must watch” this adorable video.

I often remark that kids have no filter. They speak the truth, and as a mom myself, manage to embarrass us at just the right moment. For example, in the grocery store line: Daughter: “What does it mean when you hold up your middle finger?” Me: “It’s not nice and it’s being mean to the other person.” Daughter: (collapsing all her fingers except the middle) “But, what if my fingers accidentally fall down like this?” Me: “Just happen to?” as I notice the cashier with a giant size grin on her face. See what I mean? That incident happened over 30 years ago but I can remember it as clear as ever.

Just like the mom that posted the video, we all share in the joy of our children and achieve a space of pure bliss. This little girl will always be a reminder for me to celebrate my happiness and keep firm in the commitment that no one’s gonna steal my joy!


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