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Souls Recognize Like Souls


Connecting with a like-minded soul is a reaffirming experience. An immediate recognition of similar heartstrings and shared views of life. My husband and I relocated numerous times during his career so I was always the new kid on the block and the fact is it takes time to bond and to establish new friendships.

But, it wasn’t until we moved to Chicago and I ventured into the theater world did I realize how to make those connections while also feeding my creative soul and spirit.



When I walked into the audition space, there was an air of familiarity and excitement. As we talked and laughed about goofy things I thought I was the only one who got, a big happy grin appeared on my face. “I think I’ve found my home!”; others who appreciated a sense of expression and openness I was totally tuned into.  



My cancer journey has been such a similar revelation on so many levels. It’s been an awakening, a greater appreciation of my blessings, and a new opportunity to connected with beautiful, like-minded souls. I’ve often remarked how God sent me to Charlotte to connect me with all the incredible angels I needed to see me through and help me grow as I kept my faith and determination to live one moment at a time. 



From day one, the joking, laughing, and enjoying music in chemotherapy to my positive and best in their fields physicians who cared for me, the karma and the sense of kinship was very real. And once again, I knew I was right where I was supposed to be. 

And beautifully, it’s happened once again; connecting with new like-spirits. My new soulmates at the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and I share the same passion, drive, and commitment to ending the horror of cancer while also finding time to share a laugh and embrace a positive attitude and life of living one moment at a time.













Happiness Jar Blessings!💗



I saw this poster the other day and loved its concept and message of recognizing a blessing a day. We can tend to forget the good things in our lives with the news serving up what seems like an endless stream of bad after horrible after worse stories on a loop. But within the madness let’s not forget to stop and “smell the roses.”




Time as we mark it is merely minute by minute. The past is over the future is yet to be but right now, this moment is the only thing that’s real.

I love this idea of The Happiness Jar because we get to pause and say thank you, Lord, for this wonderful gift of life.  And, at the end of the year remind ourselves that things aren’t really that bad after all.


Image result for every day may not be good but there is something good in every day