Archive | September 1, 2016

Today I Choose❓


I write often about how happiness is a choice and was reminded again today when talking to a friend about her bank account being hacked. She made the conscious decision to address the issue but not get mired down in anger; recognizing that happiness is in our own hands.

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We decide our reaction to circumstances or events we have to deal with in trying times. Control, in general, is an illusion. We can’t control others, only ourselves. The world spins and weaves its web, just waiting for us to play the victim in the spider’s lair.

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When the urge arises to enter the trap, pause and ask yourself. Do I elect to feel self-pity, depression, anger? Or, do I decide to stay positive and turn the negative into an opportunity? How do I write this chapter of my life and does it end with a period, question or exclamation mark?!