Pure Imagination

One of my favorite films from childhood is “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” I’m inspired by his belief that all things are possible, and with imagination whatever you dream can be. What a great philosophy and attitude to keep joy and a positive spirit in your life.

The next step in my journey is chemotherapy for colon cancer. I just completed radiation therapy for my breast cancer and that was a breeze. Twice a day for five days. Five and a half minutes of actual radiation. All I did was lay there on my side hooked up to the machine and listen to classic 70’s music. A little “Summer Breeze” by Seals and Croft, yes! The staff was great, especially Rachel who set me up and took care of me. No side effects. A little fatigue but that was it. Outstanding!


Now, time to take care of the colon cancer. Has to be chemo, no way around it, however, I’ve already claimed that I won’t have any side effects. Fatigue is all I will accept. Faith has gotten me this far, and I know it will deliver me the rest of the way.

Erase all Doubt

Met with my Oncologist today to review what to expect with Chemotherapy. After the meeting, I was given a tour of the Infusion Suite (where all the fun happens) which brings me back to pure imagination. Gonna be needing a lot of that because it’s the least warm space I’ve ever seen. Sure, there are lounge chairs, tvs and snacks but the energy is definitely lacking. I have to spend 8 hours twice a month for 6 months to receive my treatment – which in that room is going to be a challenge.

Cue the pure imagination Wonka! Take me there!



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