No Day But Today!✨

“Fear is a thief. It robs us of the opportunity to stand in the moment and forces us to focus on the past and future instead of the now.”





This quote is in the true spirit of my philosophy that we create our own reality and the power of belief and faith is undeniable. I’m still pinching myself from the incredible reality I created upon realizing my dream adventure to Florence, Italy.


The Basilica of St. Mark’s Square in Venice


My wish is to see others realize their dreams and believe that all things are possible with faith. However, you can’t just lay on your sofa and hope for things to be, you make things happen by having an open mind and planning so you’re ready when the opportunity presents itself. 

Let’s take the words can’t, maybe, someday and when I retire out of our vocabulary. As I’ve stated before and will continue to raise up, the only reality we have is in this moment. Not the past, and not the future but right NOW!


Image result for no day but today


It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since I’ve heard this powerful song from the Broadway play and film “Rent”, my reaction is always the same; tears streaming down my face as the words forever ring true and the emotion it stirs remains very real.


Tomorrow is not promised so there is – “No Day But Today!”


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