Live to Learn, Learn to Grow🤔


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Every time a profile asks me to describe myself, I always respond, “lifelong learner”. This description really reverberated after I told my mother-in-law that I was updating my web design skills. Her response was, you’re 60 years old and learning a new vocation? Yes! Challenges stimulate and energize me; unlocking the answer to a puzzle others might not ever attempt to try.



The age of the internet has opened so many doors and opportunities to learn and evolve into whomever we wish to be. Work life balance is an essential component of happiness, so being able to take online classes reveals a universe of possibilities. Continuing education sparks the imagination, keeping the brain sharp and firing on all cylinders.  


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I’ve added Italian to my language repertoire in preparation for my springtime trip to Italy. Total novice, but at least I can remember the word for woman is la donna. Awww, named for me? You shouldn’t have.😊



So, whatever you do, don’t stop learning. Open yourself up to new adventures and challenges. It’ll keep you young!


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