Thanksgiving Prayers🙏🏽🦃


thanksgiving family prayer


Every morning I thank God for the blessing of rejoicing in another day. And, every night I pray for God’s grace and favor and protection for family and friends. “Safe, healthy, and happy”. My nightly mantra.

Image result for prayer handsSharing a Thanksgiving meal with loved ones is a blessing in and of its self. Having food on the table and a roof overhead is a luxury not everyone can look forward to. As we bless one another let’s remember those without. Reaching out and sharing should be part of our consciousness as I believe that we are our brother’s keeper.


Image result for thanksgiving 2016


My cup runneth over sharing another Thanksgiving, this time cancer free. Looking back over the past year I celebrate from a joyous and “woke” state of mind. No matter how dismal and bleak the world may seem, it’s always important to remember that we are only here as flesh and blood for a blink in the Universe of time. 

Image result for cancer free thank god

Our spirits can soar and our lives can be rich. It’s all us to us. What we believe becomes our reality. This Thanksgiving and every day let’s embrace love and compassion. Live each moment with mindful purpose and set free positive energy into the Universe; for the benefit of all, reaching out and understanding that we are one. Let’s make it our mission to look beyond our facades into the hearts and dreams of all humanity.








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