Mindful Meditation Space🌞

Where do you go when the outside world is giving you a headache and the only reality is in The Twilight Zone?

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I purposely limit my daily news intake and will absolutely NOT watch so-called “reality” shows to help preserve a calm state of mind. During my fight against Colon and Breast Cancer, I relied on meditation to focus my full energies on the positive healing properties of faith. Give it a shot. Stop, take a deep breath and exhale. Feel the immediate release of tension. Just taking that moment to cease thinking about whatever had you about to explode can make a huge difference in your next steps.

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What got me think along these lines was a wonderful post I read this morning by fellow blogger, A List of Mindfulness Activities“.

My blog is all about living a life of Purpose and Mindfulness so I felt an instant connection. I recommend taking a look at Sourav’s motivational website, INDIHOPE, to read more inspirational articles on how to live a life of peace and happiness.

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Some of Sourav’s suggestions that immediately spoke to me were:


*Rise early in the morning (me – but not too early:)

*Take a deep breath and meditate

*Be thankful for the day

*Express your love to your family

*Think positive about people’s actions

*Follow a call to action plan


This leads me to the question – what does my meditation space look like? In what environment do I begin my day? Where do I go to clear my mind? How do I create my place of peace?

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Finding a space to clear your mind and connect with your inner spirit and nature doesn’t have to be an elaborate ordeal. If you have space and want to, you can specify a specific room to take your repose. Or, a small corner can be just fine. Wherever you feel a positive energy, utilize that as your place of peace.


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Some ideas for getting started:


Choose a room or space that makes you feel good. 

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Keep the room simple and uncluttered. 

(Remember, this area should evoke peace and tranquility.)

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Add a touch of nature. 

Soothe your soul with music. 

Infuse a calming aroma. 

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Personalize your space. 


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The bottom line is to make it yours. Surround yourself with those items that bring calm, tranquility, and a sense of stillness.


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