Mastering My Master Dream List!🔮


Remember when you were a kid and the question was asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Maybe you said, fireman, teacher, artist or whatever was in your heart. The point being, you’ve had dreams your entire life. Some of us embrace our dreams and some of us go, I don’t have time for “dreams”. Life is about reality and it’s just not going to happen.

Somewhere along the line dreams became a dirty word. Something for children. I believe without pursuing dreams we’re not really alive, we’re merely existing. And the result, this entire life journey becomes naught. To sum it up, we were born, went to some job we hated, and then we died. Now, is that the way you envision your life?


Throughout our series, Discover What’s Next: Living Your Life on Purpose, we’ve been exploring our “Purpose” and the necessary steps to take as we travel down the road to awareness. This is our next exercise in the course, reflecting and writing down our:

Master Dream List


Pursuing a dream doesn’t mean just thinking about it and boom, it’s realized. Achieving  our passions takes faith, planning, and execution. And the first step to that end is writing them down.


So, now we’re going to create our Master Dream List. I want you to think of some of the wishes you’ve had since, well, forever. Is it a destination? Is it a career? Is it a creative endeavor? Whatever they are, put pen to paper (or fingers on keys) and take them out of your head and place them into view.

Let’s look at the things we’ve been saying we’re going to do but never have. Like my English teacher from junior high, Fannie B. Raeford used to say, “Procrastination is the thief of time.”




Here’s my list so far. If you’d like to share, let me know yours in the comments.


Master Dream List

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* Trip to Florence, Italy – Traveling to in May 2017. I’ve been fascinated by the Renaissance artists for years and I made myself a promise after chemotherapy and radiation treatment for my colon and breast cancer to not waste another minute on dreaming about the journey but act on it since I fully understand that tomorrow is not promised. So excited! Don’t worry, there will be a post on the trip.😊🛄

* Writing a book – Watching Oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul Sunday and listening to authors who write about faith and positive energy I said to myself, “Hey, I not only have the experience with the subject matter thru my cancer journey but I’ve been chronicling these experiences from day one.” There’s no reason I can’t make an appearance on the show to discuss my observations and beliefs on the power of faith and positive energy.

I’ve already started the process and will be turning my blog into a full-fledged book. Publication date to be announced.

* Living in another country – Destination and timing still being formulated. However, after the election, I may have to move up my timetable.❓😊


journey quotes


As new dreams arise, I’ll be adding them to my Master Dream List.

How about you?




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