Life Reimagined – Lesson 1🗓 “The 2 most important days of your life.”

I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and as a part of my personal growth, I’m continuing my investigation into the possibilities of what my life may hold. As stated in my previous post, I’ve also decided to share this journey of introspection and discovery as I take classes and reflect on ways to live my life on purpose.


As a means of further self-examination, I’ve started the online course Discover What’s Next: Living Your Life on Purpose created by Richard Lieder and the Life Reimagined Institute; using their exercises as a spiritual and educational tool. This post is the first lesson in the series designed to aid in my exploration of living a purposeful life.


Lesson 1 was a video with Richard Lieder that posed the question: “What are the 2 most important days of your life?”

I immediately felt the urge to wildly raise my hand like the character Arnold Horshack on the 70’s tv show “Welcome Back Kotter” and shout, ooh, ooh! I know the answer, which I did because of my ongoing interest in the subject matter. 

The answer is – The day you’re born and the day you find out why.

This is where we begin the quest for finding our Purpose. The questioning of what we contribute to society and how this “Purpose” drives us to get up in the morning.


Even though the video was only about a minute and a half, I spent the rest of the afternoon and I’m sure the next few days, reflecting on my thoughts of what I add to my community and what motivates me to rise every morning with a smile on my face.


It’s hard these days to avoid the hate filled rhetoric on television and in online articles. When I see this I wonder how people can live and wake up each morning consumed by such hatred. In terms of Purpose, what do this behavior and attitude contribute to society and are these feelings the motivating factor for getting them up in the morning?


Are they even aware of the debilitating effects of this pattern of behavior? Do they ponder what they add to their community or do they even care? This is why I believe introspection is so important. Maybe if we stop and think about our outlook on life, we can see ourselves as solutions instead of part of the problem.


Being a cancer survivor, I understand the power of positive thought. I thank God every morning for another day of life because I’ve come face to face with the truth that tomorrow is not promised. Giving testimony of my miracle by authoring this blog, my intent is to give encouragement and hope for others fighting for their lives. At my Birthday/Chemo Over Party, a good friend of mine told me “God has great plans for you.” I’m not sure what those plans are, but I’m definitely open to receiving them.


I invite you to join in this journey of discovery by taking an online class through the Life Reimagined Institute. Maybe together we can discover our Purpose and the endless possibilities.

In Discover What’s Next: Living Your Life on Purpose, you’ll travel with Richard Leider, renowned life coach, best-selling author, and thought-leader at Life Reimagined, in exploring how your gifts, passions, and values can guide you toward a greater sense of purpose and bring more joy to your years.

Follow the link below to begin the journey of living your life on purpose:


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