Steely Dan 🎶


I’m proclaiming this to be Celebration Summer! First, my Birthday/Chemo Over Party in May, then vacationing with wonderful friends last week and now, finally seeing Steely Dan in concert. Donald Fagen and Walter Becker sing songs of my college days and bring back so many treasured memories.


Seeing them made me reclaim and exclaim how much I love my generation! Let me repeat, I love, love my generation!! We brought Rock, Funk and Jimi Hendrix to the world. Yes, I’m a hippie and proud of it! We rocked out in the 60’s and are still killin’ it today.


Hanging out at the Steely Dan concert last night with Steve Winwood as the opening act gave me the opportunity to revel in the atmosphere and memories of the 70’s. We danced and sang and even though we’re a little older and a little greyer, our youthful and free spirits endure.


I’d never seen Steely Dan live so this concert was really a treat. I’ve been a big fan since their beginnings in 1972 and have every lyric and note etched in my mind. As Walter Becker was introducing the band he reminded us that he and Donald Fagen have been making music together for 50 years! Quite a feat for any relationship. I love the memories of the past but it was awesome to see what they look like today.


The reminiscing didn’t stop after the last number but continued on the way out to our vehicles. The girl walking in front of me still had “My Old School” spinning in her brain and bid the crowd to singalong. Never one to turn down the opportunity to warble a tune, I chimed in with the lyric, “…and I’m never goin’ back to my old school…” with the accompanying hand claps. My kind of people.


Nothing like reliving old and making new memories. What a blessing!





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