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One of the positives about all the doctors visits and treatments I’ve had over the past months is the familiarity. I had a Bone Density Test today to establish a baseline as I’ve started my Hormone Treatment for my breast cancer. One of the possible side effects is weakening of the bones. But, just as I announced when I started Radiation and Chemotherapy, NO MAJOR SIDE EFFECTS! It looks like I’ve got good bones to begin with and I plan to keep it that way.




But I digress. My bone density appointment was at my “home away from home” location, the medical center where the chemo infusion suite is located, where I have my mammograms and now testing on bone density. It was warm and reassuring to be greeted by a familiar face, my tech who I worked with before for my mammogram testing. We share a hug and talk about childhood toys and music during the test. (baby boomer like me:) She’s an old friend now and I feel right at home checking in for my regular tests at the medical center.




I also ran into one of my chemo/infusion suite friends and his wife coming out of the elevator. He’s been struggling with his treatments and his body’s reactions. We share a smile of camaraderie as we relate to our cancer journey. After my bone density test, I bop into my oncologist’s office to say hi as I head home for my favorite breakfast/lunch entree – Honey Nut Cheerios. 😊


Love and appreciate my “angels” and feel such gratitude for all my blessings. 👼





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