Looking back at you!👧


An interesting thought came into my mind today as I was watching a Muhammad Ali (“The Greatest”) biopic. The film ended with his defeat of George Foreman in Zaire (“Rumble in the Jungle” – October 1974) to reclaim his title as heavyweight champion of the world. As he was walking back to his dressing room he saw his kid self, hands raised in the air in victory and he smiled. That flashback made me wonder, do we ever see ourselves as kids as an adult and go yeah, still have that open heart and mind. Still living with joy. And do we give ourselves a high-five because we still believe we can conquer the world?!

Talking to my sister the other day she told me when I was little and got into trouble, I would break out the sad face and declare – “I’m just a little kid”. Brilliant! Even then I was working my “get out of jail free” card face. I had an engaged personality and was figuring out my spot in my family and how to negotiate that space.


I always believed I could do anything I put my mind to and my mother encouraged my creativity and sense of self. I’ve decided whether things go good or bad in my life’s journey I’m going to talk to my inner child and ask, “what would little Donna do?”


Thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoyed my post.:)

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