Chemotherapy – Only Four More to Go!

Just finished my 8th chemo treatment yesterday so that means only 4 more to go. Man am I excited!

Chemo Number 8

My cancer journey has been such a positive experience and I feel so blessed to realize, appreciate and more fully understand the importance of family and friends in my life. God has walked every step with me. I actually see him in my mind’s eye and we are joined hand in hand and our smiles are beaming.

When I first found out about my Colon and subsequentially Breast Cancer I followed the teachings of my guru Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of The Four Agreements. I wrote an earlier post about his philosophy of life and the Four Agreements we should follow to make our lives better.

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally

3. Don’t Make Assumptions

4. Always Do Your Best

The agreement that impacted my cancer journey the most was number 3, “Don’t Make Assumptions”. Following this agreement took away the fear and apprehension of finding out about my cancers. I didn’t assume that this would be a horrible journey, I put all my trust in God and spoke out to the universe that I wouldn’t have any major side effects. Not having them, period! 

I believe that by letting go and letting God do his work, my journey has been remarkable. No major side effects, just some fatigue, and cold sensitivity. I’ve come this far and I’m that much closer to the end.

Feeling blessed and favored. Praise God!

blessings thank you





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