Today’s Question 💬



I saw this image the other day and it gave me pause. I thought, how many of us have actually posed the question and applied it to our daily lives? It might sound a little metaphysical, but I think it’s an important ponderance.

Having been diagnosed with not one but two cancers, Colon and Breast – yeah I’m special like that😄 my immediate response was,to be a cancer survivor. But the question is deeper than that.

I believe it means what drives you? What brings you joy, and are you living for that feeling every day?


Are we satisfied with a day to day grind? Getting up in the morning, dressing for work, sitting in rush hour traffic. Arriving at work, trying to keep a low profile and avoiding the boss. Somehow making it through the day, getting the heck out of dodge, and yet again enduring the traffic crunch. Arriving home, grabbing something cold to drink, plopping in front of the TV and vegging out on The Walking Dead?

This quote by the writer Oscar Wilde proclaims:


Something to think about.


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